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Whiteline Sway Bar

After a few months of break from blogging...I am back! 

Image from hwhiteline

When I first embarked on this journey to enhance my Red riding hood, One of my intentions to improve the handling of the car ....to make the handling to be as close to my last car. 

 Many nights were spent on Reading and researching on parts. My efforts were rewarded since I managed to find out that VW do not carry a set of rear sway bar for the Polo series. Thus, I decided to enlist the help of Horizon Auto Tuner (H.A.T) , who is one of the official distributor for Whiteline. 

Before the installation of the rear sway bar, the rear end of the car was  rather unsettled or "floaty" ..especially while navigating a gradual corner around 80km/h on stock springs and shocks.

 The wait for the arrival of the sway bar took a while but it was really worth the wait. This is because something as insignificant as a bar could actually  improve the cornering capability of the car tremendously. The quality and make of the bar and accessories provided are of top notch and good quality. 

Just to add that Installation was straightforward and surprisingly easy; all it took was 30 mins for the bar to be installed.

A year on.....

Image from vwwatercooled 

By now, I have used the bar for quite a while now. the cornering characteristics of the car had vastly improved, transformed I dare say. In a nutshell, it was an investment well spent!

Car Washing Device - 14 Liters CBS

Car Washing Device - 14L CBS

I was hunting for a suitable portable washing device to perform some light cleaning in between my car wash. The device has to be relatively cheap, easy to operate and carry minimally 10 liters of water.

There are a couple of options for me to choose from: ranging from garden water pumps to the more sophisticated car washing devices are usually battery operated. 
Volkswagen Approved Polo 6R Daytime Running Lights

Volkswagen Approved Polo 6R Daytime Running Lights
It's been quite awhile since I have updated my blog. During this period, several enhancements have been done to my Red Riding Hood. Other than the rear sway bar, I have bought a Ignition Project coil pack, a Forge atmospheric dump valve kit, Eibach Pro kit lowering springs and a pair of rare Volkswagen approved Polo 6R MS Design Daytime Running Lights (DRL)!